Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sunny Malta!

We are in Malta for 10 days, having arrived last Saturday and getting out of the UK before the bad weather set in!!  The weather has been warm and sunny since we arrived (apart from a brief drop of rain yesterday).


We’re staying in the apartment of our friends, Neil and Phillip, who have a wonderful place in Mellieha which has views across to the smaller island of Gozo and, on a clear day, we can see Scilly and Mount Etna.


After our arrival Saturday midday, Neil and Phillip took us on a small tour around the immediate area so that we could get our bearings.  We happened across “Popeye Village” which was the stage set constructed for the film back in 1980 and which is still used as a tourist attraction.


There are some wonderfully high places to have a cup of coffee and take in the views.  This one is in the oldest part of Mellieha town watching the sun go down.

We arrived amid the general election which has dominated island life to the extreme for the last 3 days. We all knew when the results were established as the car horns started sounding and mortars were being let off like fireworks! It was a landslide victory for the Labour Party we understand!


A couple of pics of the election celebration.  It’s taken very seriously (or not as the case may be!)


On Sunday James went down with a virus which kept him in bed all day while the other three went out and enjoyed themselves! He’s better now, thank goodness.


This is breakfast this morning on the balcony looking towards Sicily.  So much nicer than snow!  We took Neil and Philip to the airport today for their flight back home.  They’ve been here for a few days but sadly need to return to their hectic schedules.  We’ve had a great few days with them and it seem strange being in their home without them.  Thanks N and P for your great company and all the help showing us the ropes!


  1. I said you have won...no more hols OK!
    I am going to Luton for the weekend are you impressed :-)

  2. One of our most favourite places - you lucky things. Pick up our posts from India when you arrive home. 3 weeks there and Abu Dhabi for us from 22nd March. Peter and Margaret.

  3. Malta... A place on my "must visit" list! I will be interested to hear your impressions and advice....

  4. Popeye Village is my favourite place for picnic with my family and friends. If any one planning to visit Malta than take my advice and visit this place at least once.