Thursday, 14 March 2013

A day on Gozo

We’ve had some really good weather since we’ve been here in Malta and today started bright and sunny but very windy.  As the forecast for the next few days wasn’t brilliant we decided to take the car on the ferry to the island of Gozo while the weather was good.


After a very choppy half hour trip we arrived at Mgarr harbour.

We travelled the complete length of the island in about 1/2 hour to visit the very picturesque Dwejra Bay.  


James at the “inland sea” at Dwejra Bay.  It’s fed by an 80 meter long tunnel from the sea and, due to the very rough weather (which was increasing all the time!), this normally calm piece of water had it’s own waves.


Out in the bay the waves were tremendous and the wind was making it difficult to stand up.

We made our way back through the island and stopped for a couple of hours in the capital city Victoria where we had some lunch and visited the very impressive “Cittadella”.  Normally it would have been a pleasant walk around the walls and through the narrow streets but the wind was so strong it blew dust into everyone’s eyes and it was another case of trying to remain upright! 


This is Doug high up overlooking Ramla Bay on the north coast. At this point we were in the lee of the island and the wind was not so strong.

By the middle of the afternoon the weather was deteriorating badly so we decided to make for the ferry back home.  We had an exciting voyage to say the least – we travelled back in a force 8 gale (official!).


This was our view as we approached Cirkewwa Harbour on Malta! Yes, the ship was at this angle and yes, they are waves breaking over the ferry terminal!


Home safe and sound! - although it was quite a while before the vehicles were allowed off the ship as the wind was rocking it too much.

We had a great and exciting day and, as you might say: Whoa - what a ride!!!!!

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