Friday, 29 March 2013

“Boaty” friends to stay.

We’ve had a great time this week – Stephen and Jayne from nb “Dolce Far Niente” came down to stay with us for a few days.  It was a case of ‘cold hands – warm hearts’ for us all, as it was uncommonly cold for Selsey during their stay.


We ventured out none the less and this is us in nearby Bosham.  Famous for its’ connection with King Canute, and being included on the Bayeux tapestry, Bosham is also known for the tide coming in and covering some of the roads and one of the car parks – resulting in the occasional hapless motorist failing to check the tide times!  On the day we were there the tide was already out so everyone was safe.


After a bracing walk around the village and a visit to the church we called off the outdoor pursuits and enjoyed a hot chocolate in “The Anchor Bleu” Then we returned home for proper warm up (and a few glasses of wine!).


We also braved the elements the next day and went to Portsmouth.  The Solent is a busy bit of water and here, at the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour, there’s always something to see.


James, Stephen and Jayne on “Spice Island”, with the Spinnaker Tower sticking out of Stephens head!  HMS Warrior, with its’ three masts, is on the left.


Still on Spice Island, it’s amazing what can creep up on your blind side when you’re not looking!

After a walk to the Spinnaker Tower and back, we had a very good lunch in the Spice Island Inn before heading home.


On the way back from Portsmouth, James has to go the “Southsea way” to see the Ryde hovercraft.  It never fails to excite him!  (Stephen and Jayne enjoyed it too).


We had a great time with Stephen and Jayne and, sadly, the time went very quickly.  Thanks for your company guys and we look forward to meeting up with you on the cut this year (when we all eventually get cruising on our boats).  We’re straining at the leash right now and eagerly watching for the red boards on the River Thames to come down.  We can then leave our marina on the Kennet and Avon and head up towards Oxford for the start of this years’ boating.  Roll on, roll on!

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