Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Up North!!

Yes, we’re above the Watford Gap right now.  Yesterday we travelled up to Mercia Marina, in Derbyshire, for a couple of days to visit friends Jayne and Stephen on nb ‘Dolce Far Niente’. On the way we called into our boat builders MGM at Thurmaston, Leicester for an impromptu visit and to see their latest build nb ‘Muleless’ – and it’s coming on well and looking good in its maroon livery.

We arrived at Mercia marina mid afternoon in a snow shower and biting north wind.  Amid the cold weather our welcome from Jayne and Stephen was as warm as it always is.

In the evening we took the short walk into Willington to the The Dragon pub for a lovely meal together, followed by the regular pub quiz.


Jayne, Stephen, Doug and James just about to tuck into a marvellous meal.

Today we made a homage visit (by car this time) to dear old Fradley Junction where we had a drink and a bite to eat in one of Jayne’s favourite places – The Swan, or the “Mucky Duck” as we all know it.


James, Jayne and Stephen outside The Swan at Fradley (making light of the biting cold north wind again today!)

After a quick bit of shopping in Burton on Trent, which was much nicer than we expected, we headed back to Mercia and warmth of Jayne and Stephen’s boat for a cosy evening in tonight.


  1. Welcome to Derbyshire boys :)

    Please present your passports for inspection. We're very fussy who we alow to linger around these parts... LOL

    Kevin & Harry

  2. Thank you Kevin and Harry! We can't believe they let us in either!

  3. That's not north that's the midlands!

    Have a good time, John was down at Crick today.

    Ali x