Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New York this week!

After a very good plane flight (courtesy of British Airways) we arrived in New York at midday today (Presidents Day of all things!).  We’re staying at the Waldorf Astoria and they have, very kindly, upgraded us to a suite as it’s Doug’s birthday this week. 
So we now have our very own entrance hallway (!) and lounge area - and the rest of the hotel is fabulous as expected.
After settling in we took a little walk around the area – this is the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center – as its Presidents Day there are extra flags everywhere! It’s a pity we Brits don’t fly ours more often. 
Doug in Times Square – the police were involved with someone else!
James in Grand Central Station.
Our home for this week.
As we are tired tonight due to getting up this morning at 4am! as well as the 5 hour time difference, we made our way back to the hotel for cocktails in the hotel bar before having an early night. 


  1. Blimey,

    You lads know how to travel ! Enjoy...

    Nev NB Percy

  2. Hi both,
    Glad to see you are both well and happy birthday to Doug.

    We really look forward to your posts as it seems each time you post you are in a differents country lately. Leave one wondering where you will be next :-)

    I agree about the flags, its a real shame we do not fly ours as much but of late it would seem it upsets the ethnic minorities apparently, at least according to our local councilmen anyway.

    Its a sad day when flying our nations flag in our own country is becoming frowned apon
    Steve and Chris

  3. Happy Birthday Doug :)

    Hope you both enjoy your visit to the Big Apple !

    Kevin xx & Harry xx

  4. And there was me thinking we'd had a good day! Would kill to be back in New York! Have a great time and Happy Birthday to Doug!!

  5. What a great way to celebrate a birthday have a great time


  6. Gosh what a globe trotting pair you are! Hope you're having a great time and enjoying your birthday treat.