Friday, 22 February 2013

A School Reunion in New York!


Yesterday evening we had birthday cocktails (compliments of the Waldorf) before leaving for a brilliant night on the town – which ended at midnight with the best Chinese meal we’ve ever had.

Today we did our third and final Red Bus tour – this time around Uptown Manhattan, Central Park and Harlem.


Just round the corner from the hotel this morning we came across the current filming of “Smash” – the amount of equipment they need was amazing, and this was a fraction of it! the trailers for the stars took up half the road in the next block.


James on the Red Bus (which was thoroughly enjoyable but bitterly cold). The tower block where Ricky Martin lives is right behind.


Further along the route we passed the place where John Lennon was shot.  Each side of the archway there are four flames which continuously burn.


Love it or hate it – the Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue.


Heading down towards Times Square – a very iconic view of a New York street scene.

At midday we had arranged to meet Linzie and her husband Bernie who live in New York.  Linzie was one of Doug’s school friends who lived in the same village as him as a child, and he hasn’t seen her for 28 years.  We had the most fantastic time with them over lunch at Lillies on Union Square.  Linzie is an actress and her husband Bernie is a New York city fire fighter.  It was a great privilege, and a fantastic opportunity, to meet and talk to him about his involvement in 9/11.  It was also amazing to hear about so many film stars that Linzie has met and worked with.  We had a great few hours laughing and chatting as Doug and Linzie remembered all the events from their childhood.  Thanks so much both of you for your great company and Doug was so delighted for the chance to meet up with Linzie again after so many years.


Doug, Linzie, James and Bernie.


“The Happy Couple”.


Later in the afternoon we took the metro back  to Grand Central Station.   We visited this superb place the first evening we got to the Big Apple but we were too tired to really appreciate it’s beauty.  An amazing and vast place as you can see.

Tonight, as it’s our last evening, we intend to take the Staten Island ferry after dark to see the lights of Lower Manhattan.

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  1. Hi both
    So enjoyed following your adventures this week, sounds like you have had just the best time :-)xxx