Thursday, 9 February 2017

Oh No! Not Another Island Trip!

February 6th arrived (the date for the Indian elections) and, at last, after 4 weeks of the Code of Conduct Goa could get back to what it does best which is giving it’s tourists a good time. During the Code of Conduct no music could be played after 10:20, no alcohol sold after 10:30 and bars had to close by 10:45. Additionally, the 3 days prior to election day there was a total ban on the sale of alcohol! However, there’s always a way around these things though – just ask for a pot of tea (wink, wink). It’s made things even more difficult for the tourist trade in an already difficult season.


Talking of Goa giving it’s tourists a good time, this is our friend Ranju who is a waiter in Xavier’s Shack in Baga (further up the beach). On election day he was given some time off and he came to see us. As he had his work uniform on we let him borrow some clothes to make him look more like a tourist (!) and we waited on him for a change.


Sadly, the time came for our friends John and Louise to return home. We’d planned to go with them on an overnight trip to see elephants but James got a stomach bug and couldn’t leave the toilet (!) so John and Louise went on their own and had a wonderful time on their last two days. They’re safely back in the UK now but we had a thoroughly fantastic time with them. Thanks J and L!


Two lovely people who John and Louise met on their elephant trip were Leon and Sarah who we met up with when they all came back. Leon and Sarah wanted to go on the infamous island trip (the relaxing day out as advertised!) and we didn’t need much persuading to join them.


After seeing dolphins on the way we were soon at anchor off one of the islands and ready to take to the water. James is usually the first in but Leon beat him to this by executing an amazing dive. (well he would, wouldn’t he!)


Sarah’s day was mostly taken up by being mobbed by all the Indian boys! And yes, they don’t bother with swimwear, they just keep their pants on!


Despite Sarah hogging most of the limelight James was still occasionally required for a photo shoot!


This is Ajeet, one of the boat crew, preparing the tuna for the BBQ ………


……… and he’s also just wearing his underpants!


We had a great time, as always. Apart from the four of us the rest of our boat was made up of Indian lads, all of whom shook our hand as they boarded at the start of the day. What wonderful manners (and teeth!).


Sarah still being required for selfies on journey back ………


…….. which was a bit rough to say the least and we got incredibly wet!


Luckily the camera held up against the constant barrage of sea water! Here’s Ajeet, James and Sarah.

That must have been our fifth or sixth island trip (we’ve got one more to pack in while we’re here). It never fails to be a great event and it’s always the people that make it so.


In the evening, after we’d rung everything out and showered, we met up with Sarah and Leon at Mikey’s Place. Here’s Doug with friend Bobby (who we rent our scooters from) with “Yen” trying to get in on the act.


Here’s “Nuffy” and “Yen”, Mikey’s dogs. We’ve rather adopted them while we’ve been here (or maybe it’s the other way round). They always have a few biscuits from us and then see us home when we leave.


We’ve also got to know Manju quite well. He’s a waiter at Mikey’s Place and he’s studying for his Masters in politics and sociology. He works at Mikey’s until 2 in the morning then gets up to catch the bus to college at 7 o’ clock. A great lad who doesn’t seem to need much sleep!


He’s also a “charmer” – giving Sarah a red rose during the evening!

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