Sunday, 19 February 2017

Busy Boys – the Tale of Two Weeks (first bit!)

The tale starts with saying good-bye to two lovely people, Leon and Sarah, at the end of their two week holiday and the arrival of our friend Cris, from Manchester, at the start of his two week holiday.


To mark the changeover we all met up at ‘Curries and Grills’ in Candolim for one of the best meals we’ve had so far (and the food is good wherever we go so that is saying something!). Leon and Sarah, Doug, Cris and James.


A couple of days into Cris’ hols and we hired a couple of scooters to head to Apora night market. That’s the one which starts at 3pm and finishes at 3am! As Cris is a biker anyway, the scooter was no problem to him, but the standard of driving and the general ‘no rules’ principle took him a few minutes to get to grips with!


Anyway, we made it safely to the market where we had a good mooch around with some evening sustenance of beer and a burrito (purchased from our friend Graham (the “burrito boy”)). 


We caught up with or friend Sachin at his spice stall in the market. This pic is not for the Guinness Book of Records but just to show that James and Sachin are not entirely on the same level so to speak! Haha!


Sachin is a real delight and we have come to now him and his family quite well. Life can be very tough for people like Sachin but he’s never without his smile.


Life in Goa is not all about eating and drinking and going to markets – sometimes there’s work to be done!


Just down the road is a wonderful garden restaurant called ’’Shivers’. In the evening its an enchanting environment of lights, waterfalls and viol drapes amid green-lit palm trees and mown grass. We chose to eat their delicious and quite unique food there one evening accompanied by a live Blues singer.


After the enjoyment of the previous few days Doug and Cris decided to enjoy themselves some more with a parasailing excursion. You can see by Doug’s face that he’s not looking forward to it!


Shortly after take off there’s a quick few dunkings to be had before it’s ……..


……. up, up and away!


Next it was Cris’ turn. A quick hook up and then ………


…… away he goes! Looking very much the ‘cool’ dude’!


In our somewhat bizarre life there are occasionally even more bizarre things that can happen and one of those is meeting up with friends Brian and Mike. They only live a few miles along the coast from us in Sussex but, due to our (and their) numerous travels around the globe, the only place we seem to be able to meet up is Goa! This is the second year running that Panjim (and our favourite place “Down the Road”) has been our only chance, and place, to catch up with them. James,Cris, Doug, Brian and Mike having a drink before the pizza chef arrives at 3 o’ clock to cook for us.


A day later and we are enjoying the evening at Ryan’s Shack with his weekly BBQ, bonfire and fireworks party.


The next evening its back on the scooters again and a 40 minute trip up to Vagator and ‘Thallassa’, the Greek restaurant on top of the cliffs above the beach.


There is no specific reason for this pic other than it’s a really good one of both Cris and James.


This has been our third (and probably final visit) to this enchanting venue during our stay in Goa this time. A restaurant where you can wait up to 10 days for a table, it’s the perfect spot to watch the sun set over the Arabian Sea.


The atmospheric conditions cause the sun to set above the actual horizon …..


…… and, at the final moment before ‘sundown’, another great pic – this time of Cris and Doug.

Well, that’s almost one week’s worth of Cris’ stay – what happens next?

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