Monday, 18 April 2016

San Diego.


“Arcadia” docked within 20 feet of the San Diego’s Embarcadero on Thursday morning. This was to be our first visit to the city (only 22 miles from the border with Mexico) and we’d planned to meet up with friends Jenn and Justin who live there.


They met us outside the ship and took us to see their lovely home on the outskirts of the city for coffee (and to meet 10 month old ‘Clark’!).




After some rough and tumble with the energetic, but very well behaved ‘Clark’ Jenn and Justin took us to North Beach for drinks in the sunshine ………


…..and to soak up the atmosphere of a lovely Californian beach.


Justin, Doug and Jenn with the perfect Pacific backdrop.


It was a real hoot to be chauffeured around in J and J’s huge and luxurious Cadillac and our next stop was ……….


……….. San Diego Old Town.




All the buildings are from the early 19th century and in their original positions. Most buildings are centred around “the village green” and are incredibly well preserved and restored.




A beautiful old colonial house, now a hotel, is very well presented and inside ……..


………… it’s very atmospheric ………


……. with one of those wild west bars you can slide the beer along to the end!


The old Blacksmith’s shop.


The Whaley House, built in 1857, is San Diego’s first brick building.


The old and the new sit side by side.


Apart from enjoying some history (although Justin says the States has nothing “old” to offer!) we were there to eat as well – and in San Diego you just have to eat Mexican food ………..


………. which was superb but too much of it! (‘doctored’ photo as the sun was so bright!). 

Sadly, at 7 hours, our port stay was the shortest so far on this cruise and our time with Jenn and Justin passed all too quickly. It was an emotional good-bye as they took us back to the ship for 4 o’ clock but so sensational to catch up with you guys again. We really hope it won’t be too long before we can meet up again.


As “Arcadia” set to sea again it was ‘good-bye’ to the USA. Our visits to San Francisco and San Diego have been a real joy if all too short. The warmth and welcome from our American friends never fails and the icing on the cake was to see Jenn and Justin again.   Well- it’s Mexico next!

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  1. Oh, had a 'Been there, done that' feeling when I read your San Diego post... There is so much to see in this glorious city. Suggest you plan a return trip and stay for a lot longer next time! There's the harbor, the wonderful Balboa Park stashed full of amazing museums, vibrant city life, the coastline, the desert hinterland - and much more.
    Smooth onward cruising,
    Sue /Boatwif /nb Cleddau