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On the eve of our docking in Mexico we decided to share (well, it’s only polite!) a bottle of Champagne given to us by our table guests (Bob and Joan) who got off in San Francisco. Brian, David (David and Gina, friends who got on in San Francisco), James, Doug, Gina and Carol – cheers Bob and Joan and thank you!. On this occasion we were successfully ‘photo-bombed’ by our neighbours on the next table – but we all get on very well of course!


Monday 18th April  saw us in Mexico. “Arcadia”docked in Santa Cruz – a small, delightful port in Huatulco (Haw-tool-co) on Mexico’s west coast. After disembarking Doug quickly managed to find a vey friendly and helpful taxi driver (Frank) who, for a quarter of the coast of other taxis, took us to a wonderful beach for the day - we were about to embark on a fascinating and wonderful day together with our friends Gina and David, On the way to the beach Frank drove us up above Santa Cruz for a great view of the town and the ship.  


The beach Frank took us to was just superb. We wanted something secluded and  away from the main town beach which was close to the ship - and he certainly did that for us! It was very quiet with a couple of small huts which provided food, drink and snorkelling gear.


This is James snorkelling. Although having snorkelled before he couldn’t get on with the flippers and snorkel so he just held his breath and enjoyed, like the rest of the gang, the amazing wild life beneath the surface.


The young local lads were incredibly helpful. For a small fee Alexander (in red) came out snorkelling with us where he free dived down to retrieve starfish, sea-cucumbers and all sorts of bottom dwelling creatures for us to see and hold. It’s such a pity we didn’t have a water proof camera! At lunch time the lads prepared oysters they’d collected for us  ……….


……… and presented them so well.


Our taxi driver Frank turned up during the day to see if we were all right. A native Mexican, he returned from working in California to live in, and enjoy, what he calls “heaven” where he delights in making people happy.


Our stay in Huatulco was to be a short one, requiring us to be back aboard the ship at 4:30 so, leaving our idyllic beach, Frank took us back to Santa Cruz via a famous local viewpoint and drove past and showed us some of the fabulous hotels in the area. 


We were really impressed that the whole area was immaculate. The coastal scenery was stunning and the roads were lined with beautiful trees and mown grass. It was very, very nice.  


Back in Santa Cruz, before boarding, we had a beer on the local beach ………


……… with “Arcadia” (berthed strangely close!) giving us a tremendous view of her.



Our early departure didn’t take place as intended as there was a medical emergency on board and we left just before dusk. But, when we did get going, we had the fabulous Mexican shoreline to enjoy.


The local pilot, after his job done, was taken off the ship by much more basic transport than we’re used to seeing for a pilot!


On the other hand we had a rather more sophisticated high speed escort which stayed with us until we were well out to sea!


With the sun setting behind the mountains and our escort finally wishing us ‘bon voyage’ we left behind an incredibly enjoyable day in Mexico.

We now have two days at sea before our next highlight – the Panama Canal!

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