Saturday, 31 October 2015

A Mooch around Madeira.

After 5 days at sea and some 2500 miles across the North Atlantic we arrived this morning (Friday) at Funchal, Madeira.


After several previous visits, where we spent most of the time in Funchal, we decided to take a tour to see some of the island. With our dining friends David and Gina, and Nicola and John we found Luis and his taxi who took us on a fun-filled 3 hour tour around some lovely view points and ‘watering’ holes. Here we’re looking down on Funchal with “Arcadia” in the distance on the right.


The tour took us past terraces of banana plants …….


…… and grapevines, from which they make the traditional Madeira wine.


Moving on further and reaching higher and higher, Funchal started to look quite small.


Eventually we reached the highest point of our tour. We’re told Cabo Girao boasts the world’s second highest cliffs at 1932 feet!


James now seems to be completely over his life-long fear of heights! This glass floor, suspended over the cliff edge ……..


……. allows you to look directly down to the beach below!


Descending from the dizzy heights of Cabo Girao, Luis took us to the lovely fishing village of Camara de Lobos where, back in the 1950’s, Winston Churchill spent many hours of his holidays painting.


It’s a quaint and picturesque place – it just happened to be raining when we got there. As it was warm rain it wasn’t too much of a problem.


We took shelter in a bar where they place great emphasis on the fact that Madeira is the birthplace of Christiano Ronaldo. They pay homage to him with bananas!


The bar just happened to specialise in the one of the island’s traditional cane-sugar based rum drinks. James was very interested in the method of production ….


……. but all of us were interested in its consumption! David, James, (Luis), Gina, Doug, Nicola and John enjoying the first of many samples that were offered to us during our sojourn.


The harbour area of Camara de Lobos was very pretty despite the damp conditions.



Getting back to Funchal in the afternoon we had a chance to have a wander around and visit the ‘Traditional Market’.


Some of the “Door Art” is amazing. Fancy having this as your front door!


The sun came out eventually and we were able to enjoy a stroll through the main streets ………


……… and eventually back to “Arcadia” (berthed next to her sister ship “Oriana”) ready for the last leg of the voyage, and our journey home to Southampton.

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