Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Chill-out in St Lucia and Barbados.

Having seen some of St Lucia during our last visit we decided to stay ‘local’ around Castries, the capital of the island. Our only need to be in town itself was to sort out some phone problems and, although being in a “Digicel” shop isn’t the best place to spend your free time, it did have the most wonderful air conditioning! Added to that, one customer spontaneously broke out in a rap rendition and he was quickly joined by other customers who were waiting for service! They certainly know how to pass the time in the Caribbean.


Asking a friendly taxi driver, Marcus, to take us to a quiet beach he said he’d take us to a “perfect” beach just 20 minutes away from the town. One has to be a little sceptical sometimes but Marcus came up with the goods and took us to our “own” beach.


The whole beach is raked by hand to removed leaves and debris. There was shade from the trees which lined the beach and we had a fabulous afternoon sun bathing, swimming and watching the sand crabs build their burrows in the wet sand.


They carry out armfuls of sand and throw it away across the beach. It’s a very relaxing and intriguing way to spend a few hours!


This is just half “our” beach – the other half is behind James in the first pic.

We left St Lucia at 7:30 in the evening on Friday for the short and steady trip to Barbados for Saturday morning.


We woke up in Barbados to a steel band playing lovely old English melodies on the quayside just below our balcony.


A long way down they might have been but the music filled the dock. Here’s a close up of these nice people who played for the ship all day.


Looking out on the starboard side of the ship there were two of the grandest yachts we’ve seen. Both were equipped with helicopters on the upper rear decks.


The biggest vessel in port, however, was “Arcadia”. Notice the cherry-picker at the bow. The ship is continuously being painted and repaired. This morning it was the turn of the port anchor and surrounding area to have a spruce up


We hired a car to travel round and see a bit of the island of Barbados as last time we spent a couple of days enjoying the capital, Bridgetown. The sun was scorching and too hot to lay on the beach so, after stopping and having a little walk around Speightstown, we found some shelter under a tree at a ‘watering hole’ next to the sea ………….


……… where the rum punches really hit the spot!


Doug collected some seed pods from this gorgeous bush – hoping that they might do well in the ‘sunny’ climes of Selsey!


After a pleasant trip to sea a little of the island we just had to stop at Worthing. You just have too! Sunny Beach (not to be confused with all the other sunny beaches) was quiet and sunny (surprise!) and Coral Cafe provided the loveliest of settings and light lunches at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon.


To mark the end of our terrific five-island Caribbean adventure we asked the “flower lady”, who we used last time, to make us up an arrangement for our journey home.

Next stop is Madeira, over 2500 miles away, so we have a few sea-days to enjoy before we get there.

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