Thursday, 9 July 2015

Honningsvag, North Cape and Tromso.

The port stops come up thick and fast on the this cruise! On Tuesday we visited charming little Honningsvag. P1020519

The most northern habitation on mainland Europe. It’s very much a working fishing port but very clean and tidy.


We spent a great few hours just wandering around this lovely town.


The beautiful wooden church has managed to survive the centuries.


We left Honningsvag at 8:00pm on Tuesday evening, turning west to pass the North Cape at 9:30pm just as the sun started to produce the most amazing light onto the cliffs. the North Cape, at 71 degrees on the island of Mageroy is the most northernmost point in Europe. This part of the world enjoys 77 days of 24 hour daylight each year.


The famous “globe” on the cliff top of the North Cape was possible to photo with a bit of zoom!



James had to take a picture on the opposite side of the ship – nothing to see but the Barents Sea, considering the “normal” things in life, it’s not something most of us see every day!


After the excitement of the North Cape we were treated to the most astonishing sight of a blazing midnight sun. Crowds of us filled the promenade deck to enjoy the warmth and the spectacle. It has to be experienced to be believed, full daylight, lovely warm sunshine (we didn’t need all those jackets you can see”) – just surreal!


Here we are – the sun still fairly high in the sky at midnight and then it starts its ascent for the next day!


Just a souvenir pic!


Today we stopped at Tromso, situated on Tromsoya island. After spending the entire morning on the ship chatting to Roy Walker, famous for his TV show “Catchphrase” and who’s on the ship and giving us some wonderful comedy acts, we ventured into the town. It’s cathedral is one of the largest wooden churches in Norway. (1861)


The main shopping street is home to a host of old wooden buildings which makes for a very attractive appearance.


Across the water, and the harbour area, is the lovely white “Arctic Cathedral”.


We took the cable car to the top of the mountain to get the most perfect views of Tromso ……


….. and to get some “travels shots” of the two us!


We spent the day with Kate and Jay, two members of the Headliners Theatre team.


At the top of the mountain we found a little “glacier” all of our own and Doug and Jay just had to have their photo taken in the snow! ……….


…….. and so did James(!) but he was forbidden to walk on the snow with his new hip so here he is with one foot on it! By the way, he’s doing fantastically well but, in the most most northern reaches of the European land mass, we don’t really want any mishaps!  This is an awesome journey – full of the most fantastic sights and sounds and we’re blessed with the most amazing weather. We have some terrific facts about Norway (later) but we’re heading now for the beautiful Fjord of Geiranger – can’t wait!

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