Monday, 13 July 2015

Alas, everything comes to an end!

We haven’t had many “sea days” on this cruise and so the formal dress evenings, daytime lectures and deck activities have been less than usual.


However, during the sea days James enjoyed a brilliant set of talks by Michael Kushner who has a superb knowledge of wartime code breaking at Bletchley Park, World War II sea battles and espionage. Did you know that we warned J Edgar Hoover about a possible attack on Pearl Harbour in Dec 1941 but he decided not to do anything about it? Well, we heard some amazing facts from him. Great stuff!


We also had the pleasure of being entertained by Roy Walker – here being interviewed about his life. He’s a very funny man and we spent quite a lot of time with him on and around the ship just chatting and ‘chewing the cud’.


Yesterday evening (Sunday) at dinner Christabelle and James arrived in matching outfits – don’t they just look soooo smart together?


Being the penultimate evening of the cruise, last night’s formal dinner included the opportunity for us to show our appreciation to the ships’ chefs and catering staff staff. What would our waistlines be like if it wasn’t for them!


Talking of food and catering: here are “our wonderful boys” who’ve looked after our every need at dinner each evening. You know when you’ve had a good cruise when your waiters start telling you what’s good for you and what you’re going to eat and drink that evening! Flanked by our waiters Sidesh and Sheldon, Doug stands next to our dear friend (and, coincidentally, our wine waiter – what a surprise!) Dolreich.


Sheldon and Sidesh – the terrible two ……..


…….. and Sheldon wanted a close up (showing his best side) if he was to go “viral”.


Always the last table to leave of course, we include another pic of most of us: Willie, James, Sandy and Steve, Christabelle and Doug. (Eileen and Ian had to leave us early for the cinema)

“Aurora” was our first cruise ship in November 2013 (since then we seem to have lost count!) It gave us a fabulous cruise back then and has done so again this time. The itinerary, the weather, the people we’ve met and, of course, the ship’s company have all come together to give us something we’ll not forget!

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