Monday, 15 December 2014

“Queen Elizabeth”–A Picture tour of the ship

We’re on the last leg of our the cruise with two sea days, crossing a calm Bay of Biscay and entering the English Channel, so it only leaves for a selection of photos of the inside of this beautiful ship as we come to end of our voyage:


This is part of the Grand Lobby with Viscount Lindley’s superb marquetry panel.


The Grand Lobby looking from the Lindley staircase - this is an amazing space.


The Royal Arcade (of shops), the staircase and Casino (below to left) and The Golden Lion (below to right).


The upper section of the library ……..


…….. and, down the spiral staircase, to the lower section and looking out towards the Grand Lobby.


The lower section of the double staircase of the Grand Lobby.


The ground floor of the Grand Lobby from a side lounge.


The promenade at the side of the Queen’s Room.


The Queen’s Room. Home to evening balls, other major social events and the glorious afternoon tea.


The Red Lion pub …..


……. and the bar to the Red Lion.


The Queen’s Arcade and staircase with the Casino to the left.


One of the three access stairways ……..


……. and one of the three elevator halls which complement the stairs .


The stunning Winter Wonderland display by the catering department and made entirely of edible products.


The lower section of the Britannia Restaurant ……


……. and, in the restaurant on the penultimate evening of the cruise (as is usual) we had the Chef’s Parade, when we are able to show our appreciation of their incredible hard work. The food is generally a work of art and just how these people are able to produce such things as the most perfect Soufflés and Baked Alaska on a production scale is quite beyond us.


The last photo should perhaps go to the iconic Cunard funnel (which has been the most daring to take!). We had to trespass into “Queen’s Grill” territory in order to get this pic. as this small area is reserved for those who wish to spend their hard-earned dosh in their own way.

Tomorrow we’ll wake up in Southampton and, as is customary for us, we’ll self disembark as early as possible. We’ve very much enjoyed the cruise and the company of some really lovely people over the last couple of weeks. The ship is stunning in it’s appearance and condition (having also had a bit of a refit recently) and, for us, it’s similarity with P&O’s “Arcadia” has meant that we were instantly familiar with it’s layout. We must try it’s sister ship “Victoria” (also very similar) sometime as she seems to be preferred by quite a few of the passengers we’ve spoken to – and, we suppose, the icing on the cake has been that we’ve missed all the cold weather in the UK!

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  1. Amazing, I want to go on a cruise even more after seeing your fabulous photos. Thankyou for sharing. Trudy 'Fallen Angel' x