Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A day in Barcelona

Monday’s port of call was Barcelona.  It was a lovely sunny day to enjoy the city again but last night we travelled through some pretty rough seas to get there.  So much so that we didn’t feel like going down to dinner! It was the first formal night and we’d got all “dolled up” for the Captain’s Cocktail Party, which we attended, but we just couldn’t face the restaurant.  Talking to the (very young!) 3rd in command at the cocktail party he explained the seas were causing a rather strange motion for the ship. (that’s our excuse!)


We walked into Barcelona from the ship this morning, commenting on our way that this was our third visit to the city this year and that we mustn’t let it feel like ‘old hat’. Indeed the city ambience was just as powerful as ever.  A walk up Las Ramblas is necessary both to get into the city proper and to enjoy it’s tree lined character and all the street traders.


Moving off  Las Ramblas towards the Gothic part you can enjoy more of the architectural personality of the city without all the tourist stuff.  The Placa Reial is very pleasant and less busy ……..


…… but we had to laugh when two police officers on their scooters came into the square and all the illegal traders (within seconds) packed up and disappeared as if into the cracks in pavement! When the police left they returned just as quickly!


Although it was Monday, and out of season if there is such a thing, the streets were very busy  ……..


……. and when you get into some of the narrower, and extremely delightful streets (like this one – Carrer del Bisbe) it was almost impossible to move.


The German markets didn’t help the crowded situation – this area, just in front of the Cathedral, was nothing  compared to where all the stalls were.


So, after a pleasant, but busy, walk around it was time for “lunch” and then a taxi back to the ship.  By our own choice it’s was a short visit to this lovely city this time - but we will be visiting again quite soon no doubt.

Tuesday has bee a sea day so there’s been the usual round of deck quoits, lectures, etc.


Here’s an action shot of us both playing deck quoits – kindly taken by entertainments officer Neil …….


……. who also took the opportunity, while he had the camera, to take a “selfie”. We promised him if he did it would go viral!  


James attended a couple of talks later, the first by Roger Cooke, the broadcaster and investigator that used to get himself into some tight situations during his popular TV series “The Cooke Report”.  It’s remarkable he’s still around to tell the tale!

The second talk was by military and commercial pilot David Henderson – both marvellous and hilarious.  This evening it’s the second formal evening and, with the sea calm, we are looking forward to a ‘dandy’ time. 

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  1. Hi Guys
    Have been enjoying the cruise with you both.
    A nice ship and some really cool places, thanks I enjoyed the cruise.