Friday, 17 October 2014

We Survived!

On Wednesday, after the fuss and bother of a mere hurricane, we were at last allowed outside on the decks…….


…… the rear deck had been tidied and all the sun loungers had been restacked.  The swimming pool had been emptied before the storm for safety reasons of course ……..


…… but there were signs all around that we’d been ravaged by natures awesome power.  Just outside this picture the blue panelling had been stripped off the walls.


But, typically British, at a time like this we had a cup of tea and some chocolate cake.  This was the regular “chocoholics tea party”, with every conceivable chocolate-based confection you could think of.  Velroy, one of our favourite waiters, is keen to increase our weight even further!


This is Jose another very kind and friendly crew member.


On Wednesday evening, Michael, one of the “4tunes” (the incredibly talented quartet of singers on board to entertain us) had his birthday.  As normal, the whole restaurant, and all the available waiters, gathered to sing “Happy Birthday”. 


Also on Wednesday evening we had the “Chef’s Parade”.  The one chance we get to show our gratitude to these wonderful people (and they move quite fast too!)


Later still, with full bellies, the “crème de la crème” (Bill & Jill, Andrew & Chris, Paul & Sandra, bubbly Jess from the Art Gallery, James, Lyne and Jim, and in the front: Ben, also from the Art Gallery.  In the background are Old Uncle Tom Cobbly and All waiting for the very last performance of this particular troop of Headliners – and a fabulous performance it was too.


After the show we were able to meet up with four of the Headliners before they went off to relax.  Jay (dancer), Scott and James (singer/dancers) and Luke. 


We have a soft spot for entertainments officer Abbie, who scrubs up quite well from her daytime activities!


If we’re not seeing a show during the evening we usually visit the Crow’s Nest bar, at the front of the ship, where our friend (and bar steward) Dolreich and his boss Hemant look after us very well.


The “creme de la creme” (we do do things separately sometimes!) often take part in the Syndicate Quiz in the Crow’s Nest, where Dolreich bosses us about and tends to our every need (and where we never win! )


Our last drink together before docking in Southampton on Friday morning – and we’re not going to name everyone again!

Well, we’ve had 25 nights of glorious fun and adventure.  We’ve travelled some 7500 miles through fair weather and foul and we’d do it all again tomorrow (but we’re not). Friday morning our very obliging  neighbour Nigel picked us up from the cruise terminal and we were in doors and unpacking by 09:30. Can’t be bad.


  1. Glad you got back OK after an epic trip. Back to ditchcrawling again now, then.
    BTW did you spot what the storm did to the pool sign? Aquaris Poo indeed!

  2. Welcome back to a calmer UK.....