Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Lull before the Storm.

Life on board, as we traverse the Atlantic Ocean, goes on apace with much socialising, wining and dining.


We are regularly treated to a champagne reception by Whitewall galleries – this one is for a promotion of the artist Fabien Perez and the collectors of his work.


Jess, the bubbly and wonderful art specialist, is never happier than when she’s ‘entertaining’ her customers.


During sea days we get the opportunity (and the time to prepare) to dine in the appropriate way.  Here we are again, the cream at the top of the passenger list, Paul, Sandra, Bill, James, Andrew, Chris, Doug and Jill. 


On the same evening, with our bellies full, on the way to the theatre for another amazing show, Headliners performing “Killer Queen”.  It’s a real pity that we can’t make any form of recording of the theatre performances because they really are of West End quality.

On Sunday evening our luck with the weather ran out and the ship began negotiating some really bad sea conditions.


By Monday morning we were experiencing hurricane force winds (force 12) directly onto the port side …….


……. with very heavy seas.  Moving about the ship wasn’t impossible but sitting or lying down was the preferred option!  The Crow’s Nest bar, at the front of the ship, was a bit like an Alton Towers ride and not for the faint-hearted and the guest speaker in the theatre had to give her talk sitting down (with her glass of water sliding around in front of her!).


By Tuesday afternoon the winds had died down to force 4 but the heavy swell was causing the ship to roll quite dramatically, even with the stabilisers deployed.


Nevertheless, life aboard is still good with everything to be glad about.  Talk about waiting for a bus then two come along – it’s the same with waiters! (Only joking – these wonderful people are at our side at a moments notice)  This is Roland, Hemant and, of course, our friend Dolreich in the Crow’s Nest bar.

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