Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Retracing our steps and into Manchester

We have spent the last few days cruising back along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal stopping off at Burscough for water and stopping for the night at Parbold (again).  The day had been very warm and sunny to start with but after we’d moored up the heavens opened, and stayed open, thus putting paid to our plans for drying the washing!

001 (2)

Watering up at Burscough Wharf.


A typical bridge scene on the stretch of canal which follows the River Douglas valley towards Wigan.


Dean Lock overshadowed by the M6 – not always so tranquil.


A hole in the bottom gates of Hall Meadow Lock, which lets almost as much water out as is coming in when trying to fill the lock!   This was the site of our lack of water problem last week but we were relieved to find water in the canal above the lock this time and were able to happily make our way into Wigan for Sunday night outside the British Waterways office (again).

Monday morning (22nd) saw us leave our mooring at 9 o’clock  to work through the last three locks before our “lock free” voyage all the way to Manchester.  Problem!  The junction pound above the first lock had no water – what a surprise!  As with the last water shortage there was much rushing around and shouting but this time we couldn’t take the matter into our hands and have the job done quickly we had to wait for BW to sort it out.  We finally got going at 3’ o clock! – accompanied by the very nice owners of nb ‘Lilypad’.  We reached our booked mooring at Bridgewater Marina (again) at 7 'o’ clock.


A typical stretch of the mind-numbingly boring canal from Wigan to Worsley!


Approaching the very exciting Barton Swing Bridge (again).


A glimpse of the Trafford Centre from the canal.


A shot of the absolutely massive Kellogg factory as promised.


Old Trafford towering alongside the canal going into Manchester.


Entering Manchester with the lovely old wharf buildings next to the not so lovely newer stuff.  The Beetham Tower – the tallest building in the city can be seen in the distance.


Deansgate towards the city centre.

We are now moored in Castlefield Basin, below Deansgate.

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