Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Leaving Chester

After seeing Ann and John off at the railway station yesterday we decided to spend the rest of the day moored in the basin at Chester.  No sooner had we settled in when we were  joined by nb Piston Broke again! – and it was great to catch up with Paul and Lynne and enjoy more “tales of the river bank”.  We had a lazy day venturing into the city for a wander round the shops and had a quiet night moored in the basin which was quite full with about 9 boats!.

This morning we reversed back to the water point to fill up. Picture below -  it would be nice to have a bendy boat some times.

Chester 001

Chester 002

This plaque commemorating Chester as the birth place of Tom Rolt without whom we would probably not have the 2ooo odd miles of canals which we enjoy today. (what a pity some one has decided it needed a splodge of paint to enhance it)

On leaving the basin we had the good fortune to team up with Buddie and Libbie on Nb Zed to share the 3 staircase locks in Chester and the remaining 5 locks to Beeston – all double locks and infinitely easier with two boats.

Chester 003

Making our way out of  Chester and passing under the city walls – very impressive.

Chester 008

Nb Zed and Nb Chance at Chemistry Lock.

Chester 010

Nb Zed stopping to inspect their propeller - we’ve all had to do it.

Chester 017

Beeston Castle - the view from our mooring tonight. Can’t get much better.  (moored just before Wharton’s Lock and bridge 108).

12 miles and 8 locks.


  1. Caroline & Martin5 August 2011 at 12:08

    And there was me thinking you were around Chester but in fact you are in Canal Boat, what a lovely treat, a Friday off work, and Canal Boat dropped through the door and your boat test to read about, almost perfect! Caroline and Martin

  2. Hi Doug and James,
    Just got home to Chester, sorted the mail and opened Canal boat and who should grace the front cover!
    Have to say they did you a nice review, though perhaps J-Lo might have been a good nick name for Chance LOL. Looks like she's meeting your expectations perfectly I'd say,
    Good luck and we'll see you on the cut sometime.

    Steve and Chris (nbAmyJo)

  3. Hi Caroline and Martin
    Thanks for the comment, we have yet to find a copy locally! Hope you enjoyed your day off and the boat test was good for us! Doug