Thursday, 5 January 2017

New Year Celebrations–Goan Style.


The flurry of activity continues unabated in Aguada Homes! – as 2016 nears it’s end.


On New Year’s Eve we took a very crowded bus ride on the very crowded road to the very busy Calangute Saturday market.


It’s quite normal to barter and buy from the comfort of your scooter!


A father and his son preparing cauliflowers – chopping off the leaves before presenting them to look their best.


Garlic and Ginger  ……


…… and Limes, Lemons and Oranges.


The dried fish section of the market. In 35 deg of heat there’s little chance of the fish being anything else but dried!


After buying some curtains for the bedroom (yes, that’s Doug for you!), a melon, some bananas and cucumbers and then a very hot and slow return bus journey (of 3 kilometres) there was nothing else for it but to carry on the pace of life back “home”.


After taking it easy for an hour round the pool we then needed to take it easy on the beach for a bit. This is our “official” New Year’s Eve portrait. (James hasn’t yet got to grips with taking a selfie without pulling stupid faces!)


After returning home for a wash and brush up we were back down to Ryan’s Shack (we do go to other shacks sometimes!) where James was asked to help launch a series of Chinese lanterns for other people. He tried to explain that his height made absolutely no difference to the success of the launch but it was received as just more hot air!




Ryan’s Shack looked really good with all it’s lights and lanterns ……..


………. and the whole beach looked a sea of people and lights as far as we could see.


As 12 o’ clock approached we raised our glasses to toast friends and family everywhere ……….



……. and the night exploded in a cacophony of noise and light as fireworks from all the beach shacks were set off together.


It was an amazing sight and our first experience of an Indian (Goan) New Year.


And then the partying started! ………


……. and the icing on the New Year cake for us was that our barber friends, Talib, Asraf and Hashim, came down (after they’d finished work at 11:30!) to wish us a Happy New Year. As we’ve said many times before, the sincerity and friendship we receive from these lovely people is overwhelming. 


The last pic goes to Talib and Doug –barber and customer, friend and friend!

As we enter 2017 we send all our followers, friends and family our very best wishes for the best possible year ahead for you all. Also a big “thank you” to all our readers as, back in November 2016, the blog received it’s 1/2 millionth hit!!!!

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