Thursday, 14 July 2016

Propeller change (in record time).


Thankfully, the day of the propeller change dawned today and we unpacked the very shiny new Barrus prop from it’s box.


A mile down the canal from our mooring at Low Bradley were the workshops and dock of Pennine Cruisers. All working docks are tight to get into for very good reasons ………


…….. you don’t want the boat floating about all over the place. The amazing boat lift was just like a garage car lift. We floated the boat over the submerged steel cradle and the lift began.


Within a couple of minutes “Chance” was free of the water.


Just a bit more and it was high enough to get at the prop.


We took the opportunity to check the bow thruster for debris or anything caught around it’s own propeller


It was also a good chance to check the condition of the hull. If it was car bodywork that looked like this we’d be panicking but this is pretty good for a hull that’s seen a fair amount of sea and brackish water in the last couple of years.


Soon the old prop was being taken off. When the right tools are at hand it doesn’t take long.



Propeller off, shaft cleaned and ready for the new one.


Couldn’t help taking photos of “Chance” up in the air like a car!


Old bent prop and shiny new one!


Still taking pics of “Chance” in the air!!!!


Also checked the condition of the anodes for wear – seems ok for a few more years.


A new hole had to be drilled through the nut and shaft for the slit pin. It’s almost impossible to get the original holes matched up.


And one last look before being put back into the water and, thankfully, normal propeller operation resumed.

WELL! We really couldn’t believe that it took just about an hour from floating into the dock to floating back out again. It was an absolutely brilliant job and we can’t praise Pennine Cruisers enough. From the first phone call to paying for the work they were ultra efficient and friendly. We can highly recommend them. And the cost – SUBSTANTIALLY less than it would have been further south!   

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