Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Au Revoir Goa – it’s been a Hoot!!!!


A couple of nights before we left there was a huge crashing sound outside the apartment and all the lights went out! A coconut palm decided to fell itself, narrowly missing the apartment itself and a car in the car park. Next morning (Sunday) the workmen were out clearing the debris and restoring the power.


Our night was rather warm as we had no fans or air conditioning but we weren’t as hot as we might have been if we’d had to do the axing of the tree stump ourselves the next morning! (They don’t seem to do chainsaws here!)


On Sunday evening friends Dev and Rajaa, only back from a stay in Mumbai that day, joined us for a riverside evening meal at Amigo’s. Loads of amazing fish dishes including King Fish, Prawns and Muscles and squid and a vegetable Xacuti followed by banana pancakes was the order of the evening.


Doug found another puppy, Rufus, to feed and enjoy playing with and, above all, the company was wonderful. Thanks so much Dev and Rajaa for your friendship and all your help with the apartment and organising all the fantastic trips we enjoyed during our stay this time.


There a few pics we’ve not managed to weave into this section of our travel. There is some fabulous temple architecture to be seen These wonderfully painted and, at night, wonderfully illuminated works of art just pop up in the middle of nowhere sometimes. This lovely example is just outside Candolim on the road to Panjim.


This lovely and very old Jain Temple in Mumbai is exquisite. We had to take our shoes off to enter the outer confines and were only allowed to look into the inner areas (and, of course, no photographs!). This is so valued the whole thing is covered in a protective roofing.


From the very old to very new: this is a nightclub (!) just opened on the banks of the river outside Candolim. We passed it on our crabbing expedition. It looks very Gaudi inspired in it’s design and it’s known as ‘LPK’ – Love, Passion and Karma!


In the grounds, and next to the river, is this huge sculpture of a sleeping woman – made from clay with grass ‘clothing’.


Well, as the sun sets on our time in Goa we can look back to one of the most “hectic” relaxations we’ve ever had. What was going to be nearly four weeks of doing very little has turned into a bit of a whirlwind of activity! Unfortunately, there are Goan friends we have not had time to meet up with this time so hopefully we’ll see them on our next visit or in the UK this summer.

Like last time,  we’ve had a ball - witnessing some wonderful landscapes, flora and fauna and had the most amazing time catching up with friends and making new ones. We couldn’t have asked for more. As Goa winds down from it’s ‘high’ season now we return to the UK (albeit briefly!) to catch up with friends and loved ones and to cut the grass, do some washing and ironing (LOL) and then pack our cases again. 

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