Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Splendid Day to Panjim and back.

Having hired a scooter for a few days we wanted to make good use of it. Yesterday we rode all the way to Morjim in the north where we spent a few hours on Turtle Beach (so named, of course, because turtles lay their eggs there). From there we cut across to Mapusa (inland a bit) and then got a bit lost in the dark on the return journey home!


Having got safely back home (thanks to phone satnav) last night we felt undeterred today and set off for another escapade to Panjim this time. We visited Panjim quite a few times last November but always on the bus. This time James had the bike to think about during the ferry crossing. Doug’s looking very nonchalant here on the very busy ferry. James not only survived but did extremely well with the bike.


We took a walk through the Park at Miramar, where the gardeners were busy keeping things looking lovely.


A good bit of grass is in very short supply in this climate ……..


……. and so most of the park’s features are surrounded by well tended and very hard packed soil.


We had a motive to go to Panjim and that was to visit our tailor (well not ours exactly but the one we used in November to make our suits for Bosco’s wedding)


We both need an extra dinner jacket and trousers for cruises and Doug chose this style, in black of course (James has chosen something slightly different!) and at the same time we’re having dress shirts made for as well for good measure.


Very smart Doug but maybe next time!


After a spot of lunch it was back onto the ferry and a few pics of James and the bike this time.


He’s in there somewhere!


Oh, there he is – safely off. Notice the two young chaps on the bike on the left carrying a ladder!


Not sure really James, maybe a Fireblade is more your style.


Getting back to Candolim there was time to take in some afternoon sunshine on the beach. We must say we’re generally very lucky in getting good beach neighbours!


…………  and a bit later on we were joined for a drink by friends Dev and Rajaa which finished our day off rather splendidly.

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