Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bugsworth, Buxton and Back.


We left Higher Poynton on Monday but not before taking on fuel and pumping out the black water. We were third in the queue at ‘The Trading Post’ after travelling the few yards from our mooring.


After that it was a cruise down to Marple (and the end of the Macclesfield Canal) and onto the Peak Forest Canal towards Whaley Bridge ……….


……… and our stop for the night at Bugswortth Basin. The basin now enjoys Ancient Monument status and has great atmosphere, being surrounded by the restored remains of the enormous industrial complex where limestone was processed and loaded onto narrow boats for transhipment all over Lancashire.


Waiting for us in the basin were boater friends and fellow bloggers Gary and Della on nb “Muleless”.  We all went to the Navigation Inn (once owned by Pat Pheonix), just a short walk from our moorings and had a great evening together with good food and drink to boot. Good to catch up with you both.


Tuesday we caught the train from the pretty little station at Whaley Bridge – a short walk from the basin.


At the station ticket office there’s a pair of binoculars and a couple of reference books “for the use of”. A remarkable insight into the quality of life in this sleepy little Derbyshire town perhaps?


The train, on it’s 20 minute journey to Buxton, gave us great views of the Derbyshire countryside.


Having been to Buxton 3 years ago, this beautiful spa town hasn’t changed much at all. That Includes the terrible state of the Crescent Hotel! It’s awful to see this lovely building - the centrepiece of the town, being left to crumble. What are they thinking of?


The rest of the town is in excellent condition and beautiful to boot. This is the Opera House (with the Gardens Conservatory adjacent) ……..


….. and, with a look inside at the Opera House foyer,things just got better. 


It would be nice to say we went on a hot air balloon trip but we didn’t - this is a photo of an aerial photo showing the centre of the town. 


Buxton even has it’s own little Crystal Palace equivalent.


The old Bath House has been converted into a shopping arcade (!) but thankfully they’ve preserved one of the old baths used by people to “take the waters”.




Getting the train back to Whaley Bridge in the afternoon we were soon back aboard “Chance” and on our way back up towards Marple again. On the way, at New Mills, we enjoyed the wonderful aroma coming from the sweet factory. Pear drops me thinks!


And, just to add to the excitement on the journey back - a herd of Highland cattle!


Back at Marple we moor up for the night, ready for the journey down the lock flight tomorrow before it closes for repairs!

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