Monday, 9 March 2015

Family Weekend

We were delighted to have daughter Vicki and her boyfriend Ian (and of course Ernie the dog!) down for the weekend. 


There was much walking to be had with Ernie around and his first outing was along the seawall towards East Beach.  The weather was lovely, if a little chilly with the sea breeze, and it’s always nice to get a pic. with our lovely lifeboat station in the background.


The second “walkies” of the weekend was back along the seawall, all the way to East Beach this time, for a cup of coffee with friends. This isn’t the aftermath of a tsunami, it’s the winter storage area for the Selsey sea angling and dingy club. Let’s hope they park their cars better than their boats! 


No sunshine this Sunday morning but a good walk nonetheless.


Sunday afternoon saw us taking, what seems to be, a fairly regular trip these days, taking visitors along to nearby Bosham. The tide was only partially out when we arrived – the car park on the exposed flats (which is free of course!) was not yet exposed enough for us to park but the ice cream van man was determined to get his space as soon as he could!


We thought we’d be able to walk along the(twice daily flooded road) to the quay …


…… but rounding the corner, although the water doesn’t look that deep, the tide hadn’t receded enough for us to carry on.  You can see how far the tides come up the walls of the houses.


So, after a short detour, we made it to the pretty little quay area where the very old boathouse stands proudly but defiantly on it’s brick stilts.


After a good old mooch around, it’s always good to pop into the “Anchor Bleu” for a warm before making our way back home.

We had a marvellous time with Vicki, Ian and Ernie and, as always, it’s sad to see them leave to return to their rather hectic lives.

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