Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A London Fix.

Last Friday we took “Chance” out of winter hibernation in Packet Boat marina and, on a cold morning, journeyed into London.


The four hour trip was not without it’s excitement when we came across a road block!  Doug managed to get the boat back to the bank and safely tied in.


Although all the pontoons in Paddington Basin have been set over to winter moorings there’s still the occasional space to be had and, with an over worked guardian angel taking care of us, we found a space on the concrete towards the far end of the basin.


The restoration of the basin at Paddington is now complete, and the extravagant “five finger” foot bridge at the lower end turns out to be well worth the expense when seen in it’s raised position.


It wasn’t long before we were having a social visit by some of the winter moorers.  Our first meeting with Jason (from one of the wide beams) sitting in the corner and our friends Emma and Nick(nb “Marpessa 2”) who popped in for a warming drink before going out for the evening. (Poor quality pic. we know – must be something to do with the warming drinks!)


On the morning of 21st we discovered a little birthday gift for Doug from Nick and Emma.  Thanks guys!


Getting out into Soho for some birthday celebrations we were joined by Josh and Steve and Anthony and Toby who also took time out to join us.


As well as Jonathan who arrived later!


Now for a few London “gems” we’ve discovered on our travels – this is the fantastic fire place in the Fountains Abbey pub in Paddington.  The pub was often frequented by Sir Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin in St Mary’s Hospital opposite.


Contemporary architecture next to Moorgate tube station.


The stunning buildings in Throgmorton Street.


This wonderful carved red brickwork – just one of several dozen similar features on one lovely Victorian building.


A glinting “Gurkin” peeps through between it’s neighbours.


The stunning arcade of Leadenhall Market.


A cold Doug on our walk along the Thames.


Street cleaners going off duty – there must be a collective pronoun for this many street cleaners!


…. and finally, the back side of St Paul’s (if you pardon the description!).  Hard to believe that this beautiful building was spared during the London Blitz when all around it was ablaze.

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  1. A Clean Sweep?
    I follow your blog regularly, how do you manage to fit in so many big boat cruises as well as the narrow variety?
    And do you really know EVERYONE?!