Monday, 14 January 2013

Chance Visit

We are spending a couple of nights on ‘Chance’ as there is a warranty job to be done on the engine and it seemed like a good idea to check on things as the weather looks to be getting cold in the next few days.


After quite a cold night a reasonable spattering of snow greeted us when we woke this morning.


It quickly turned to rain as Marcus from Marcus Marine, who carried out the warranty repair for Beta Marine, started on the work.


There was small diesel leak from the flexible pipe just below the fuel filter.  It took Marcus about half an hour to put another pipe and clip on and getting fairly wet in the process! 

Later today we popped down the cut to pay a surprise visit on Tom and Jan on nb ‘Waiouru’ based  at the moment at Reading Marine and sitting out the bad weather before they make their maiden voyage in their  finished boat.  We had a good technical chat (as usual) before leaving them to their domestic cosiness and Tom who was trying to fix a technical fault on his new satellite dome.

Tonight we are going for a meal at the Butt Inn at Aldermaston Wharf.

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