Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Our Blog Books have arrived!

Last year we had the blog made into a book, which we were extremely pleased with.  It’s been very worthwhile as we use it as a diary of our adventures.  This year’s blog has extended to two volumes!


Its great fun to be able to go back through the year and remember what we’ve been up to, the lovely people we’ve met and the wonderful things we’ve seen.


We’ve included a picture of Oscar to grace the cover on one volume as this will probably have been the last year he’ll enjoy the boat (but we’ve said that before many times!)  So, as we said about the publication last year, we are really pleased with the result and blog to print are really worth a look if you fancy the idea, as lately they have had 20% off.


  1. Hi, Those books look so good, what an excellent idea.

  2. Hi, I looked at doing these last year but I have they limit the number of photos incorporated and my blog has far too many. In the 12 months leading up to when I enquired re cost I would have had to turn them into 4 books. Far too expensive each year. I did think of cutting down on the pictures but can’t- I love them!