Monday, 20 February 2012

A visit to the Rame Peninsula

We’ve had a great day on the Rame Peninsular which is just to the west of Plymouth.  We first visited the very picturesque twin villages of Cawsand and Kingsand which are delightful but sadly they are deserted during the winter months as most properties are holiday homes or lets and the heart of the community now seems all but lost.

The villages look out over the dramatic backdrop of Plymouth Sound where there are regular passages of naval vessels.


Doug and Oscar on the beach at Kingsand.


The main street Kingsand in the rush hour!


The British Navy arrived in Plymouth Sound while we were there!  This is HMS Diamond a new “stealth” destroyer. We left Kingsand and Cawsand and headed west on to Rame Head, stopping to have a look inside Rame Church.  Very much a typical Cornish church – tucked down below ground level!



Just one picture of the inside of the church.  There’s no electrical power to the building so each pew has a candle holder and the organ has to be pumped by hand.  Later we spoke to a lady who was manning the Coastguard station who said that at services held during the winter months the only person who was warm was the one who pumped the organ!

When we got to Rame Head we decided to do a bit of geocaching and we eventually found our”cache” in a wall near to the coastguard station.  In the background is a field of daffodils almost ready for cropping.


Doug with his “treasure”.


Here’s Doug pointing out the the location of the Eddystone lighthouse, eight miles out, which we could see quite clearly but hasn’t appeared on the photo – sorry!  In the background is a 14th century chapel on the highest point of Rame Head.  It was originally painted white to serve as simple lighthouse and it was from here, in 1588, that the arrival of the Spanish Armada was signalled to the English Fleet in Plymouth Sound.  Further to the right, by courtesy of the people in the coastguard station who allowed us to use their super powerful binoculars, we watched a new £10 million pound yacht going through it’s sea trials.


The Rame Peninsular is really the start of Cornwall’s dramatic coastline and is stunningly wild and beautiful.  We had a great day!


  1. Looks brill, ages since we went to Cornwall we were only talking about it yesterday.

    Have a great Birthday Doug!

    love Ali & John x

  2. Thanks Ali and John, Having a lovely Birthday today, heading out to North Cornwall today and hopefully somewhere nice for lunch, Speak soon. Doug xx