Saturday, 5 November 2011

The end of the line

Yesterday we left our mooring at bridge 13 and carried on down the lovely Ashby Canal.  We see some unusual craft on occasions as we cruise around….

Ashby Canal 002

but this one takes some beating!  It could be a relic of “It’s a Knock Out” or some ones’ primary mode of transport – who knows?

As we’ve said already the Ashby is a beautiful and, in the main, rural canal and at this time of the year the autumn colours are starting to show themselves to full effect.  With the fine sunny periods we’ve been getting you never know what fine vista might be round the corner….

Ashby Canal 005

through bridge 26 with the Ashby Canal Centre entrance on the left there was this fine sight.

Just after this photo was taken the weather took on a threatening look and we were soon plunged into some heavy rain.  After several abortive attempts at mooring up ( the chosen moorings were not deep enough to take our 30 inch draught! and we ended up grounded on silt and mud banks).  Enduring the rain we eventually ended up at our original destination choice of King Richard’s Field moorings.  This is right next to the field where Richard 3rd was slain at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.  We pitched up in the pouring rain and quickly settled in for the night.

Ashby Canal 007

This morning we took a walk with Oscar (actually more of a very gentle saunter – he’ll be 14 later this month!).  This photo is of King Richards Field with the commemorative stone in the foreground.

Ashby Canal 009

The inscription on the stone – and nearby an explanatory notice to say that they’ve now found (in 2009) the correct site of his murder and the aforesaid stone will be removed this winter (after forty years!) and placed where they now think it took place.  When we came here 3 years ago we questioned whether this was really the site .. well well.

We carried on with our walk to Shenton Station which is part of the Battlefield Line steam railway which we went on last time we were here.

Ashby Canal 012

Shenton Station.

A walk back to the boat and we were off again and soon mooring up at Bosworth Wharf for a long walk into Market Bosworth for a newspaper, milk and bread.  This is a stunning little town with every viewpoint a pleasure…….

Ashby Canal 014

the Market Place, Market Bosworth.  Too many cars!

Ashby Canal 015

Another view of the Market Place.

On our walk back to the boat we had to cross the railway bridge over the Battlefield Line and we were lucky enough to get there just in time to see the train arrive at the station.

Ashby Canal 016

A pity we can’t reproduce the smell!

Ashby Canal 021

Off again towards Shackerstone Station (what another great name)

Ashby Canal 024

Back on the ‘Chance’ and another great scene on our way to the end of the canal at Snarestone (this time at bridge 59)

Ashby Canal 029

We got to the end of the canal at 2:45 this afternoon and winded to face the right way to go back tomorrow.  A fine evening with another red sky and, again, we are on our own.  We’re promised a firework display in Snarestone village tonight which we should see over the field in the background.


  1. We're looking forward to seeing the Ashby, will be new to us. Love your photos, I often wish sound and smells could be captured with the picture too.

  2. Thanks Karen, I'm sure you will enjoy the Ashby, its lovely this time of year and very quiet with boats. Best Wishes Doug