Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year and another Chance to visit..

We spent a lovely weekend with friends in Hereford, and continued on Monday to MGM at Thurmaston, to see Chance’s progress, as the spray foam and wiring had just been completed.

January 2011 028

We are very pleased as it is a very neat job, and there is masses of overhead lighting and under cabinet lighting wiring and sockets where we have requested them.

January 2011 050

Now the floor and ballast is down, MGM drew out our basic floor plan to give us an idea how the inside might look.  We made a few changes, notably the reduced depth washing machine we have purchased (400mm), which has now been moved to the island in the galley, instead of being under the main work surface, which will now give us more cupboard space in the galley.

January 2011 037

We have now agreed the detailed layout so the fitting can begin and decided on the oven, hob and twin sinks in the galley.

January 2011 036

The holding primer is being sanded down and the undercoat applied.

January 2011 044

The engine bay awaiting painting and the installation of the Beta Marine 43hp engine.


  1. Having been pointed in the direction of your blog by Adam of nb Debdale fame, we would just like to wish you good luck with the build of nb Chance and to say that we will enjoy watching progress. Hope we will meet up on the cut some time.
    Pip & Roger

  2. Hi Pip and Roger
    Many Thanks for your good wishes, we have been following your blog for some time and rog's toe! hope he is better now, and don't blame you for going back on land, we will be doing the same! Look forward to meeting you some time this year we hope. I have added you to our blog, hope thats OK. Best Wishes Doug.

  3. Thanks for posting on our blog- we're glad to have found another narrowboat blog to follow. Can you tell us about the layout of Chance? We're always interested in how people choose to make the most of the limited space. Do you have a layout diagram?
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Elly and Mick

  4. Hi Elly and Mick
    Thanks for the comments, if you want to send me your e-mail address , I can forward some pictures of the inside, how it will be and details of the slim depth washing machine, we were amazed when we found it! If you click on view my complete profile and then on e-mail you will get our e-mail address so you can get in touch. save you posting your details on here. Look forward to speaking to you soon. Doug